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Imitate and you'll just make the same... Innovate and you'll make a difference.

Simply put, Tria Alchemy uses only ingredients that are backed by science and treat the creation of our products as an art form.


Advanced Natural Medicine

While many supplement companies are utilizing similar ingredients, most are falling short with the delicate process of extraction and processing the medicinal compounds.  Some of the biggest brands on the market are mass-produced, imported, and rebranded with marketing hype.  Tria Alchemy creates their products from start to finish, right here in the USA.

The manufacturing process of our formulas focuses on the key chemical compounds found in medicinal mushrooms and plants. We don’t cut corners. We take additional steps that most are unaware of, or won't bother with, which separates us from the competition.  Our ingredients are handpicked in pristine environments, and organically grown by some of the most talented farmers in the nation.

Our Apothecary contains nothing but the best scientifically proven, raw materials - that our Earth has to offer. We hand-craft our premium quality medicinal tinctures using advanced methods of extraction, in Maine, U.S.A. No pesticides, filler or additives.

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We have perfected and refined the delicate process of creating medicinal mushroom and herbal extracts so that they are suitable for clinical use, giving the results you need.



Herbal Medicine

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