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  • How much should I take & how often?
    There is no 'one size fits all' recommended dosage for medicinal mushroom tinctures. The recommended dose is dependent on your bodyweight (BW), activity level (AL) & other dietary factors (DF). Research published in reputable medical journals suggest that medicinal mushrooms (i.e. Chaga, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Reishi and Lion's mane) are a synergistic functional food, which means that not only can they be safely ingested daily, but are even more powerful when combined with more than one species of fungi. The medicinal benefits of our spagyric mushroom tinctures work most effectively with consistent daily use over an extended period of time. Recommended Dosage Spectrum: 333 - 3,000 milligrams, 1-3 times a day* The following equation can be used to determine personal dosage: BW + AL + DF BW - 1 dropper per 150 pounds/68kg of bodyweight AL - 1-3 droppers, 1 low, 2 medium 3+ high DF - 1 dropper for every 2500 kcal consumed 1ml dropper = 1,000mgs of mushroom extract The equation above can be used as a baseline, but as there are no toxicity levels inherent in our spagyric mushroom tinctures, it is safe to take a higher or lower dosage than recommended based on your individual needs and in consultation with your healthcare professional. Suggested use for a healthy adult: Add 1/2 to full dropper of each tincture to your beverage of choice, or use sublingually (under the tongue).
  • Why Tincture/ Alcohol Extract?
    Our Core 5 Medicinal Mushrooms (Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane and Cordyceps are packed with powerful medicinal properties - but need to go through a multi-step extraction process to break down the hard cell wall (chitin) - in order to make the active ingredients bioavailable (in a form the human body can absorb and use). An extract is a preparation that results from taking raw medicinal mushrooms or plant material and applying a solvent to it, such as water or alcohol. The solvent causes the dis-solvable compounds to be separated from the structural part of the mushroom or plant. Both alcohol AND water are necessary in the extraction process & we have so much respect for these natural resources and the profound capabilities of them - that it makes sense to extract ALL of the constituents, and make them bioavailable. In the future, we may offer extracts without alcohol, but in the meantime we choose to offer higher concentrates to give better and faster results. Tinctures are more potent than powder and capsules, and also begin working more quickly. It would take 6-8 bottles of 100 capsules to equal one 2oz bottle of our extracts. One may also note that using the organic cane alcohol in our extracts ensures a germ and contaminant-free product. We take our current events very seriously, and making a difference is our mission.
  • Can children use tinctures?
    The average dose, 4-8 drops, 3 times a day, dilluted in their favourite drink. There is more alcohol converted from a teaspoon of sugar than from a dose of tincture. These are suggested amounts from doctors, & will vary according to each individual needs.
  • Are there known contraindications for you medicinal mushroom products?
    Please note that while we have rigorous standards for our selection of ingredients (based on scientific research), in order to comply with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), we must add the following disclaimer to all Tria Alchemy* products. These statements have not been evauated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure and/or prevent disease. We recommend that if you are taking blood thinners, insulin medications, pregnant or a minor, please seek the advice of your healthcare professional before ingesting our products.
  • What is spagyrics?
    In the 16th century, Paracelsus (a physician popularly known as the father of modern toxicology) developed a spagyric extraction process which enabled access to the full restorative power of a medicinal plant or mushroom. The majority of tinctures on the market are double-extracted & while beneficial, unfortunately do not offer the same potency as produces results that are less bioavailable for the human body. We handcraft our tinctures using paracelsus' ancient alchemical thechnique to offer you a more concentrated extraction containing the Tria Prima - the body (Salt), Soul (Sulphur) & Spirit (Mercury), in every tincture available in our apothecary. Learn More About Spagyrics

Frequently Asked Questions

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