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Introducing, your new secret weapon.  Do you ever feel sluggish, moody, and ready for bed at 2 pm?  It seems like we often run out of energy just when we need it the most.  Our Cordyceps extract might be just what you need for that extra push at work, the gym, or override the veto on your libido! 




Not only do our cordyceps tinctures contain the polysaccharides necessary to help your cells communicate and regulate your immune system, they are packed full of adenosine and cordycepin.  What the what?  These organic compounds can help you through that project, workout, or second honeymoon.   Oh, and you probably won't be needing those afternoon nana naps.


*Cordyceps Extract is also available in our Medicinal Mushrooms Bundle for less!


The vast majority of tinctures on the market are simply a dual extract, which most often are made incorrectly, and miss additional steps that make our tinctures so unique and powerful. Our Cordyceps is organically grown in the U.S.A & contains 100% fruiting body (No pesticides, filler or additives), gluten free.

CORDYCEPS EXTRACT - energy | endurance | vitality

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  • Distilled Maine Spring Water & Certified Organic Cane alcohol.

  • Add 1 - 2 dropperfuls to your beverage of choice, or use sublingually (under the tongue).

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