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The superfood for your brain that makes you smarter. Literally.


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Repair and enhance your mind with one of nature’s most powerful nootropics. 

Explore our range of Advanced Natural Medicine 

Feel alive again!

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Higher Potency. Faster Absorption. Real Results.

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Casey Marie

Two years ago I sustained a head injury and lost my sense of smell and taste. Since taking the Lion's Mane and other Tria products, I have noticed not only energy and other positive effects, but that I am regaining my sense of smell and taste!

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Brad Dogan

I've tried a few brands and have switched to Tria after reading about the importance of the fruiting body. I only want to be putting real ingredients in my body. I subscribed to learn more about mushrooms and natural medicine :

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Sally Larem

Love supporting local business - fantastic people and very high quality tinctures.

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