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Fall asleep faster.  Stay asleep longer.  Lack of sleep can ruin your day, from the added stress on your body and mind.  This can create some serious health problems and it even affects our psyche!


Insomnia not only depletes us of our energy, it makes it difficult to focus, maintain positive moods, it weakens our immune system and also builds up the stress hormone, cortisol-leading to weight gain.


No amount of caffeine, or energy products can replace a good night's rest!  Better sleep = improved health, moods, cognitive function, calm and focused mind, higher productivity and creativity.


Our Rest formula is a potent blend of wild crafted and organically grown ingredients that have shown to promote deep, restorative sleep, and also calming effects during the day to put your busy mind at ease...while simultaneously building your immune function.


  • Reishi - this medicinal mushroom powerhouse brings it's calming & healing effects
  • Passionflower - calms an anxious or stressed mind, helps with sleep disorders
  • Valerian Root -  increased production of GABA to regulate sleep and stress
  • Blue Vervain - calms the mind, moods, and also the nervous system
  • Scullcap - helps to quiet a busy mind, relaxes muscles
  • Chamomile - helps to normalize irregular heart rhythms and has calming effects
  • Elderflower - supports the body's natural ability to handle stress and tension
  • Pumpkin Seed - Nourishes the pineal gland for the production of natural melatonin
  • Lavender - relaxes the mind and body, contributes to natural levels of melatonin 


Third Eye (Night) and Rest (Deep Sleep) formulas are a proprietary blend of spagyric extracts of wild crafted and organically grown ingredients.


Third Eye nourishes the pineal gland for the production of melatonin and serotonin, and provides sound, resorative sleep to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed.


Rest is our premium strength sleep formula - to help those who are experiencing recurrent sleep issues and insomnia. 


This premium sleep support bundle contains medicinal mushroom extracts, and some of the most powerful herbs used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years.


(No pesticides, fillers, or additives.)




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